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All Types & Sizes

There is no limit to our expertise.

Every item and packing is unique.  Goods can be very small or extremely big, high tech or basic, fragile or robust, heavy or light, temperature sensitive or not, and so on. 

Within our group we have different departments that specialize in various and very specific branches of the packing industry. We can pack all types and sizes. 

  • Art & very expensive antiques or designer furniture are considered as extra fragile and need extra protection and anti-shock materials. In order to optimally protect these goods before the actual packing they often need pre-packing and conditioning in optimized foils and outer packing.
  • Heavy lift and voluminous cargo will need professional handling with the right equipment and specific know-how during packing. We have all appropriate means of handling at our premises, which are ideally located and have the expertise to pack your goods in a sound and safe way. 
  • Repacking when better packaging is required. If the existing packaging was damaged or is not adapted to the transport and/or destination of the goods then the cargo must be repacked. And you’ve come to the right place at Novaedes. We ensure that the original packaging is professionally dismantled. 
  • We rely on our forty years of accumulated expertise and know-how to guarantee perfect protection for your oversized cargo and to repack the goods in compliance with legislation, the mode of transport and your end customer’s wishes.