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It is the packing that counts.
Our mission is to ensure that your goods arrive safely and efficiently at their destination. Our specialized custom-made packing solutions guarantee your successful transport. We confidently rise to any challenge. Your project is safe in our capable hands.

  • industriele verpakkingen
When a container just won’t do

Every year an estimated 500 million tons of goods that do not fit in containers or are unsuited for container shipment are shipped around the world. We provide tailor-made solutions to ensure your goods arrive at your end customer in perfect condition. 

• We pack your airfreight and maritime cargo

• We can also vacuum-pack your goods

• We have a solution for every packing need

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We come to you

Thanks to the excellent geographical location of our sites and our global network of professional partners we are at your service wherever you need. We provide suitable custom packing at one of our sites, on your premises or at the place of shipment.

There is no limit to our expertise.

Every item and packing is unique.  Goods can be very small or extremely big, high tech or basic, fragile or robust, heavy or light, temperature sensitive or not, and so on. 

Within our group we have different departments that specialize in various and very specific branches of the packing industry. We can pack all types and sizes. 


Strict conditions, our care

Handling and packing dangerous goods require specific capabilities, skills and certified staff.


As internationally recognized agents we are certified and licensed to pack, handle, store, manipulate and declare dangerous goods.


  • ISPM 15
We pack in a secure and safe way according to international packing standards and ISPM regulations.

We comply with applicable safety, security, environment, health, packing and customs regulations. We continuously invest in order to maintain our track record of successful safety and security audits.

No if or buts: it’s just the way we work. 

  • Flatrack container stuffing
Packed safely and quickly for transport

Does your cargo need to be shipped in a container?

Then entrust us your goods to ensure safe and fast container loading.